Diamond Sealcoat, LLC

PA 012908



Diamond Sealcoat, LLC has protected driveways with a durable attractive product for the last 12 years We use Sealmaster's premium blend of coal tar. This includes sand for an anti-slip safety and Top Tuff for a hard surface. This prevents water and ice from getting down to your gravel layer resulting in cracked asphalt.

We are proud of our professional reputation for quality products and service: competitive pricing, punctuality, weed wack and blow all debris off asphalt, radar and precipitation tracking, tarps for clean sidewalks, small brush hand trimming preventing splatter on garage doors and sidiing and a beautiful, flat, black finish that will protect your investment for 3 years or longer. Check out our Five Star Reviews on the web.

Our commitment is to extend the life of your asphalt surface, and to prevent the need for costly resurfacing.

Diamond Sealcoat, LLC provides services in Dauphin, York and Cumberland Counties.  Call Susan today at 717-920-2628 or fill out the form on our "contact us" page to schedule your free no-hassle estimate!