Diamond Sealcoat, LLC
PA 012908

Our Process

We apply a coal tar sealer by brush resulting in a thicker application—three times thicker than petroleum spray. This method of application will give you a perfect protective layer in contrast to a spray oily layer that usually disappears within a year. We utilize small hand brushes around walkways, garage doors and decorative landscaping to prevent messy splatter. We also lay down tarps under our rig and on sidewalks to keep work area clean.

Our process can be detailed in the following steps:

1.  Power Cleaning   

Cleaning the asphalt is the first and most important step prior to sealing your driveway. We use Hi-output Power Blowers to clean the surface of the      driveway. We may ask you to power wash your driveway, if it has years of embedded dirt build-up in the asphalt.

2.  Oil Spot Treatment

Torch and prime with oil primer, which provides greater adhesion for the sealcoat to oil and gas spots. This also prevents oil and gasoline from reappearing through the sealcoat surface (only if the oil is not saturated into the asphalt).

3.  Power Edge

When necessary we cut overgrown grass along blacktop. This allows the sealer to be applied to the edges of the driveway, preventing weed infiltration, and providing for a manicured finish.

4.  Sealcoating

We brush on industrial grade sealer that is precisely mixed in our specially designed agitator tank (ensures your driveway will receive a consistent and durable sealer). Our one-of-a-kind, skid-resistant formula and application techniques penetrate the sealer into the pores of the asphalt and results in a safe non-slip finish.

5.  Barricade Access

We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 24-48 hours.
(Please dispose after proper drying time.)