Diamond Sealcoat, LLC
PA 012908

Why Sealcoat

1.  Save Thousands of Dollars

Sealcoating will greatly extend the life of your driveway by as much as 300%.  The cost is truly a minor expense when compared to the cost of pavement replacement!

 2.  Restore Appearance

Sealcoating beautifies and enhances your landscaping.  In the same way, you have your home painted periodically or your lawn and landscape maintained, your driveway deserves the same care.

3.  Protect

Prevents moisture penetration by sealing the porous asphalt surface. Prevents Freeze/Thaw damage caused by water seepage. That results in cracking and cavitations which leads to potholes.

 4.  Reduce Wear

Helps to resist gas and oil penetration.

5.  Sun Shield

Actinic rays in sunlight can oxidize the asphalt oils in pavement, causing brittleness and a resulting loss of aggregates, which may rob up to 50% of the original asphalt thickness in just five years.  A pavement sealcoated by Diamond Sealcoat, LLC will resist oxidative degradation and retain its value. If your driveway is graying, its time to seal.

6.  Low Maintenance

Provides a non-skid surface that can be easily maintained.  Our coal tar product is mixed on site with silica sand.